Loading PodKicker Pro onto Amazon Fire 8" HD?

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Loading PodKicker Pro onto Amazon Fire 8" HD?

Postby benenglish » Fri Jan 06, 2017 5:14 pm

Hi there, I'd like to load podkicker pro onto my amazon fire but despite side-loading the the play store and finding it in there, it says not available for your device? Help! I'm addicted to PP and have used it for years on a multitude of different devices... :(

I also looked on amazon.com - it displays PP but says it's not available in my locale (I'm in London, UK). A search of the amazon.co.uk store brings up a competitor programme, not as good and no mention of PP.

How can I go about getting it working on the new Fire HD 8" tablet? Have you got a direct link to a APK to share? Google Services Framework is running just fine on the tablet now.


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