Refresh/Update Feeds Button Fix

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Refresh/Update Feeds Button Fix

Postby DubitoErgoSum » Thu May 11, 2017 1:49 pm

I suggest changing the way the 'refresh' button works within the app. On my Android phone using Podkicker Pro 2.2.12, it doesn't appear to register a click/touch within the app (it doesn't blink, animate, change color, make a sound, show a pop-up indicator/progress bar etc.). It doesn't look like it is doing anything at all while updating feeds. The only indication that you've pressed that button is a refresh icon in the top status bar (on the Android desktop) which looks like it could be from just about any other app doing just about anything else. This change would reduce the number of unnecessary clicks/touches, decrease the amount of unnecessary server traffic, and the immediate feedback would improve the user experience.

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