Downloads aren't queued correctly when length=0 in the podcast feed

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Downloads aren't queued correctly when length=0 in the podcast feed

Postby clipwolf » Tue Aug 08, 2017 5:44 am

This problem has been occurring for a few years, and I'd like to help get it fixed by providing information and a suggested solution.

- Podkicker Pro, all versions, any Android version
- A podcast's XML feed includes "length=0" in the <enclosure> tag, instead of the actual byte length. For example, the NPR show "Planet Money".

To reproduce:
- Set Podkicker Pro to download several episodes of this podcast so some are queued
- Close the app so the downloads stop (force quit if necessary)
- Re-open the app and try to resume downloads

What happens:
- The 0B file is seen by the app as finished and is not downloaded
- The file cannot be played except by streaming

What should happen:
- The file progress should say "0/0", because a missing file is NOT the same as an empty file. An empty file may be complete, but a missing file is incomplete, regardless of the length metadata.
- The file should be downloaded.

- When downloading, before closing the app or allowing the download to pause for any reason, cancel each download after it gets some data
- Resume all downloads. Then the app understands the size is not really zero, and downloads will work as expected, even if the app is killed and restarted.

Does this problem occur because you store a download of 0 bytes and a file queued for streaming the same way? If so, I suggest you change the way streamed files are stored--if you cannot change the data schema, I suggest using Integer.MIN_VALUE for the length of a file which is queued for streaming.

Should I attach some screenshots?

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